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Approval Policy

We help make choosing a Fine Instrument or Bow fun.

Enjoy our Fine Instruments and Bows in your home for 2 weeks.

All instruments and bows are shipped with a return- shipping label. Use this return label to ship back any or all of the instruments or bows you tried on approval.

If you decide to purchase an instrument or bow, the approval fee will be applied to your purchase. If everything is returned, the approval fee will be applied to the maintenance of the returned instruments or bows, as well as the round trip shipping cost.

Approval Fees:

Bows $19.99. Up to four bows priced from $250.00 and Up.

Violins/Violas $49.99 Up to two Violins or Violas priced from $1,000.00 and Up.

Cellos $99.99. One Cello priced from $2,000.00 and Up.

Not available for approval:

String Basses, Combined Shipments, or International Purchases.  

Approvals Policy