Why do Orchestra Teachers choose Southwest Strings?

from Dr. McWhorter

Ease of shopping, huge selection of the highest quality instruments and accessories, low shipping, and durability that lasts far beyond the norm?

Challenge accepted!

Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings

Violin Strings

Thomastik, D'Addario, Pirastro, Red Label, Warchal, Corelli, and Peter Infeld...find exactly the sound you're looking for!

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Corelli Cantiga Viola Strings

Viola Strings

Check out the new strings from Thomastik, Corelli, D'Addario, and more!

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Jargar Superior Cello Strings

Cello Strings

Cello strings that you love, plus all the new ones you've been wanting to try.

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Thomastik Spirocore, Orchestra Tuning Bass Strings

Bass Strings

We've added dozens of new strings from all the top brands...upgrade your sound now.

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