Protect your instrument with D'Addario's newest technology that interfaces with your phone!

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Klaus Mueller Etude instruments

Klaus Mueller Etude

Klaus Mueller Etude is one of our top-selling instroductory instruments ...quality and affordability!

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Thomastik Spirit

Thomastik Spirit

Thomastik Spirit strings provide a vibrant, warm sound with a distinguished tone for every player.

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Gewa Cases

Gewa Cases

Gewa cases are widely renowned for their high level of quality, durability, and usability.

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Traxx Endpin Anchor

Traxx Endpin Anchor

The Everest shoulder rest is designed with comfort and quality, for the beginner to the professional.

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The globally trusted name in bow technology. Globalbow technology to keep your travel safe and simple.

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Sevillano Mariachi

Sevillano Mariachi Instrument

Sevillano instruments feature quality tonewoods with beautiful, decorative inlays.

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Mach One Accessories

Mach One Accessories

Seiko's state-of-the-art digital tuner, metronome, and stopwatch comes with a built-in stand.

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All The Tools You Need

Instrument-making is an art that has been passed down through generations of families for centuries. Increased access to the supplies needed for making an instrument has made it possible for musicians and artists all over the world to try their hand at creating an instrument. From the selection of woods, to the choice of fittings, each instrument can be specifically tailored to the maker. We have all the tools and fittings you need to make your instrument exactly to your specifications.

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School Financing

Schools are now eligible for financing!

Southwest Strings has partnered with BGE Financial, to bring schools and music organizations the opportunity to finance their orders! Founded in 1988, BGE Financial is dedicated to providing financial services to assist the needs of the music industry. Making music education affordably accessible to the entire music community is our goal with BGE.

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Dr. James McWhorter

Southwest Strings Clinician: Dr. James McWhorter

Southwest Strings has partnered with Dr. James McWhorter, acclaimed musician and talented clinician to bring your school or orchestra the opportunity for free clinics and lessons. Helping music education programs thrive has been the goal of Southwest Strings, and there is no cost to the students, teachers, or school.

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