Bridge Alignment
Placement from f-hole:
The bridge should be placed in the center of the sound box (between the inside nicks of the f-holes.)
The measurement from the outer edge of the bridge feet to the respective inner edge of the f-holes should be equidistant on both sides. (This distance may vary depending on the design of the instrument )
Bridge Alignment

Placement from shoulder of top plate:

The distance from the shoulder of the top plate to the bridge is specific and should also be equidistant.
Distance from Shoulder to Bridge (4/4 Size)
Instrument Measurement
Violin 193 - 196mm
Viola 220 - 222mm
Cello 400 - 403mm
All bridges at Southwest Strings conform to these standards.

Proper Fitting

Bridge Alignment
The arch of the crown and the fit of the feet must be perfect for ease of playability and good tone.
Bridge Alignment
To achieve the correct string heights the crown of the bridge must conform to the shape of the radius of the fingerboard. (String heights determine the playability and response of the instrument.)
The bridge feet must conform perfectly to the top plate of the instrument to maximize tonal quality.