Peter Infeld Viola

Peter Infeld Viola

Peter Infeld, that's versatility for professionals! The vast spectrum tone colors enables you to achieve complete musical expression. With it's smooth, warm top and powerful bottom strings, PI offers abundant modulation in all ranges and exceptional support for violist.

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Negri Cases

Negri Veneto

Negri is a name well-known for impeccable quality and attention to detail. The materials used, the outstanding craftsmanship, and the luxury bonus features make this an excellent choice for a discerning musician. Available with a black cordura or distinctive leather covering.

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Klaus Mueller Bucharest

Klaus Mueller Bucharest

These instruments are light in weight from meticulous graduation. The Bucharest violin features a big, warm, and resonant sound, with excellent projection. This allows intermediate players to more easily build upon their technique and musical expression. Also, now in Viola, Cello, and Bass!

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The Coda Bow integrates classic design and traditional performance with innovative technology and materials. Now offering Globalbow technology to keep your travel safe and simple.

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Alphayue Strings

Alphayue from Thomastik

Combining an unbeatable price with Thomastik-Infeld quality means you no longer have to settle for solid steel strings to assure durability.

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Everest Shoulder Rest

Everest Shoulder Rests

The Everest shoulder rest is designed for the beginner to the professional. Offering a comfortable bar style design at a very affordable price, this shoulder rest is made of a lightweight, rigid carbon graphite bar covered with durable black foam. The feet adjust for height and width.

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Red Label Strings

Versum by Thomastik

Versum strings impress with a beautiful tonal balance: a sweet top and a warm, velvety and round bottom. With their focused sound and precise and powerful intonation they give your instrument a unique personality and offer you a great versatility in expression.

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Seiko Metronome/Tuner

Seiko Metronome/Tuner

Time yourself while you practice! Seiko's state-of-the-art digital tuner, metronome, and stopwatch comes with a built-in stand. Large LED display with push-button selection for easy button control.

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Klaus Mueller
Maestro Cello

The warm, resonant tone produced by the Maestro Cello is a perfect choice for the intermediate to professional musician. Crafted in Europe and professionally set up in-house by our expert luthiers, the Maestro Cello is one of a kind.

Klaus Mueller Maestro Cello

James Ming
Guarneri - Guadagnini - Kreisler

This is a beautiful collection, hand-crafted in the classically trained workshop of James Ming. These makers are trained in fine European tradition, and specialize in replicas of famous makers.

James Ming Guadagnini