Pirastro Passione Solo Violin Strings
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Pirastro Passione Solo Violin Strings

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Pirastro Passione Solo violin strings, the latest innovation in Pirastro’s gut string line, have complex overtones as well as brilliance and projection. Passione Solo violin strings have more tuning stability than contemporary gut core strings. The E violin string is silvery steel; the A, D and G violin strings are hand wound on a polished core of sheep’s gut. The silk winding on the G string is wound longer to protect against breakage when fully stretched.

Tone: Warm complex overtones while maintaining brilliance and clarity

Playability: Easy response on all dynamic level

Stability: Quicker break in time and greater tuning stability than other gut strings on the market

Pirastro Passione Solo violin string composition:

E string- Silvery Steel
A string- Aluminum over gut
D string- Silver over gut
G string- Silver over gut

Brand:   Pirastro
Model:   Passione Solo
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