Guadalupe Guitarron Mariachi Strings
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Guadalupe Guitarron Mariachi Strings

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Guadalupe strings are custom, hand crafted to provide the best tone, playability, and durability. Nylon trebles with wound basses over a steel core (Phosphor Bronze, Classic Copper, Red Copper, or Silvered Copper). Standard tension.

Winding Characteristics:
  • Phosphor Bronze: Brightest winding, produces clear highs and punchy mids. Highly responsive and comfortable on fingertips.
  • Classic Copper: Copper produces a deep traditional tone normally associated with original Mariachi music.
  • Red Copper: Copper coated in very thin bright red plastic. Produces more definition in the high and low frequencies, less mid range. Resists rust and makes a striking impression on an instrument.
  • Silvered Copper: A natural tone with excellent definition in both high and low frequencies.
Brand:   Guadalupe
Model:   Guitarron
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