What's A.............Series
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What's A.............Series

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This series takes the student from the first day of holding the instrument and bow on to an understanding of all the finger patterns, the concept of keys, all the scales and into varying rhythms. Special advantages include: learn to read notes not numbers or letters; develop strength in all four fingers from the very beginning; play only one song or exercise per page with no other distractions; understand the concepts of scales and keys; think of rhythm in terms of descriptive words, not numbers; play the melody on every page, not harmony parts. Book I What's a Frog: violins and basses learn notes on the E string; violas and cellos learn notes on the C string, then all learn the notes on the A string. Book II What's a Key: Students learn the notes on the D and G strings playing the same songs as in Book I. Book III What's Another Pattern: Students learn the names of the notes and play other scales and related pieces in all keys, using patterns. Now the student is ready to play the rest of Suzuki Level Book 1, as well as easy etudes and solos. Companion Books Include What's a Tiny Tot Tune and What's a Happy Tune.

Title: What's A.............Series, By Klim, Jennie Lou, Published by Beachside Publications
Publisher:   Beachside Publications
Composer:   Klim, Jennie Lou
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Bass
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