Developing Virtuosity for Viola
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Developing Virtuosity for Viola

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Developing Virtuosity is a supplemental string teaching method that reinforces rudimentary skills while addressing many of the National Standards for Music Education.  It follows the instructional sequence used in most method books for beginning string players, and augments those books through its extensive offering of diverse performance pieces.  The material is further supported by full performance and accompaniment CD recordings.  Printable piano accompaniment parts are also included.


Volume 1 - Begins with open strings and basic notation, rhythms, and bowing skills. New notes, notation, and bowing skills are added in logical progression. 


Volume 2 - Continues the development of playing skills found in Volume 1 and progresses to more complex rhythms, left-hand finger patterns and techniques, bowing techniques, and preparation for shifting.


Volume 3 - This volume continues to develop playing skills found in Volume 2 and advances the student through more rigorous and lengthy literature. Instrument-specific selections promote performance, reinforcing shifting skills, more advanced bowing techniques, and complex and multiple-meter pieces.

Publisher:   Latham Music
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Developing Virtuosity for Viola, Volume 2
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