Concerto in D Major, KV 294a for Violin and Piano (Adelaide)
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Concerto in D Major, KV 294a for Violin and Piano (Adelaide)

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Mozart composed this, his first Violin Concerto in the Spring of 1766 during a stay of several weeks at the Court of France, when he visited Paris for the second time on his way back from England with his father and sister. The work most likely owes its origin to the fact that people often doubted the astonishing talent of the young artist and therefore set him a task that had to be performed in the presence of those giving the commission. Thus Mozart composed this Concerto for Madame Adelaide of France, eldest daughter of Louis XV. The princess, a pupil of the famous Guignon, was very fond of music and an excellent violinist. This manuscript of Mozart's which today is in a private collection in France and which was not unknown to experts, is published here for the first time in a practical edition. It may be mentioned that the original is only written on two staves, the upper containing the solo violin part as well as the tutti and the lower the bass part. The latter is written in E, the solo part on the other hand in D, the reason being that the instrument played by Madame Adelaide, a dainty "ladies'" violin, sounded better in a highter pitch than in the usual one. In the present edition the key, which from a technical point of view is more convenient, on the violin has been chosen, namely D major. The harmonization resulted from the bass part; the orchestral score corresponds to the instrumentation to be found in Mozarts later violin concertos. Credited to Marius Casadesus.

Title: Concerto in D Major, KV 294a for Violin and Piano (Adelaide), By Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Published by Edition Schott, Item number: 49003693
Publisher:   Edition Schott
Composer:   Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Violin
  • Piano
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Concerto in D Major, KV 294a for Violin and Piano (Adelaide), Violin and Piano
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