Animal Anthology Duets

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Water Play(Easy Medium). Each book of duets offers an enchanting collection of 18 tunes, one for each of 18 animals that spend most or all their time on water or land. Facts about the animals add to the presentation and motivation to play the music. Great for children and adults alike! The tunes help develop violin techniques and skills. An excellent source of supplemental music for students and teachers. Also includes information about endangerment and provides resources to learn more about this important topic.

Title: Animal Anthology Duets, By Morris, Valarie, Published by Sandscape Publications
Publisher:   Sandscape Publications
Composer:   Morris, Valarie
  • 2 Violas
  • 2 Cellos
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Animal Anthology Duets, Viola Duet: Water Play
Animal Anthology Duets, Cello Duet: Water Play
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