Bridges, Aubert, Adjustable Foot
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Bridges, Aubert, Adjustable Foot

$12.75 - $95.95
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Mirecourt adjustable bridges with self-adjusting feet, fit the arching of any instrument. The crown of the bridge may need slight adjustment.

Mirecourt, Adjustable Foot, Height Measurements:
Measurements are in millimeters from instrument belly to the outer two strings of bridge. (Violin-E/G; Viola/Cello-A/C; Bass-G/E)

Violin 4/4: Low-2.9/3.1; Med-3.0/3.2
Violin 3/4: Low-2.8/2.9; Med-2.9/3.1
Violin 1/2: Low-2.5/2.7; Med-2.6/2.9; High-3.0/3.1; X-High-3.1/3.2
Violin 1/4: Low-2.7/2.8; Med-2.8/2.9; High-3.0/3.1

Viola: Low-3.2/3.5; Med-3.4/3.6; X-High-3.5/3.7

Cello 4/4: Low-8.6/8.8; Med-8.8/9.0
Cello 3/4: Low-7.8/8.0; Med-8.0/8.2
Cello 1/2: Low-7.4/7.6; Med
Cello 1/4: Low-7.2/7.4; Med-7.4/7.6; High-7.6/-7.8

Bass 3/4: Low-14.5/15; High-15.8/16.2; X-High-16.5/16.8
Bass 1/2: Low-13.4/13.6; Med-14.0/14.2; High-14.8/15.0;
Bass 1/4: Low-12.4/12.6; Med-13.0/13.2; High-13.4/13.6; X-High-13.8/14.0
Brand:   Aubert Mirecourt
Model:   Adjustable Foot
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