Bridge Tools
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Fitting Jig, Violin/Viola Fitting Jig, Cello Foot Expander, USA Foot Expander, German Bridge Marker String Lifter, Violin/Viola String Lifter, Cello String Lifter, Bass

Bridge Tools

$9.80 - $214.05
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Bridge Foot Fitting Jig: Used to fit the feet of a bridge quickly and perfectly (USA). Sizes: Violin/Viola; Cello.

Cello Bridge Foot Expander:
To simulate string tension when fitting cello bridges for more accurate fitting of feet.
    2 Brands: All brass (Germany);Brass and aluminum (USA).

Bridge Marker: Machined aluminum gauge, marks string notches on all bridges from 4/4 cello, to 1/8 violin (USA).

String Lifters: Measures needed bridge height quickly and safely, without removing strings (Germany).
     Sizes: Violin/Viola; Cello; Bass.
Brand:   USA/Germany
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