Herdim Peg and Endpin Reamers
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1/2-1/16 Vln 1/2-1/16, Vln, Spiral Vln/Vla Vln/Vla, Spiral Cello Peg Cello Peg, Spiral Cello Endpin Bass Endpin

Herdim Peg and Endpin Reamers

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German peg hole and endpin reamers. Made of high speed steel, the cutting edge is abrasion resistant even under excessive use. Three cutting edges only, best for achieving perfectly rounded holes. Vln/Vla taper 1/30; Cello peg hole taper 1/25; Cello and Bass endpin tapers 1/17.

Cello endpin, 27.5mm at widest diameter.

Bass endpin, 36mm at widest diameter.

The spiral version helps to reduce chatter, and has polished rosewood handle.

Standard reamer has polished boxwood handle.

Available sizes: Violin/Viola, standard or spiral.
Small violin, standard or spiral. Cello peg hole, standard or spiral. Cello endpin, standard. Bass endpin, standard.
Brand:   Herdim
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Herdim Peg Hole Violin Reamer - Violin, 1/2-1/16, Small, Peg Reamer, Standard (Clearance)
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