Scott Cao Peter Guarneri Violin
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Scott Cao Peter Guarneri Violin

$1,800.00 - $2,025.00
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Modeled after a violin made by Peter Guarneri in 1735. A member of the illustrious Guarneri family, he retrained in Genova and worked in Venice. His work blends both the Cremonese and Venetian traditions.

The Scott Cao workshop copy is hand-carved by experienced luthiers and features a decorative fleur-de-lis ebony inlay at each corner. Spruce top of medium grain. Two-piece maple back with medium flame. Ribs and scroll similar to back. Finished in an oil varnish of a red-brown on a golden ground and antiqued in the style of the original violin. Outfits include #VACR7 Kaplan rosin, VB6C Pernambuco bow, and #430 Regency case. Made in China.

  • Ebony fingerboard. Boxwood pegs, tailpiece, and endbutton
  • String adjuster on E string
  • Aubert Mirecourt bridge
  • Guarneri style chinrest
Brand:   Scott Cao
Model:   Peter Guarneri
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