Colichon Bass Viola da Gamba
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Colichon Bass Viola da Gamba

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The bass viola da gamba is a member of the viol family, a group of instruments that flourished in France, England, Germany, and Italy between 1450 and 1745. In France, the viola da gamba was particularly prominent during the reign of King Louis XIV due to the contributions of viol composer and virtuoso, Marin Marais. The models from the Marais Baroque Collection are based on instruments from the late 17th century by Michel Colichon, a prominent French viola da gamba maker. Each instrument is crafted in the traditional French style that includes seven strings tuned in fourths with a major third between the two middle strings.

Spruce top of narrow grain. Two piece maple back with prominent medium flame. Ribs and scroll similar to back. Scroll features a decorative carved head. Slightly antiqued and finished in a rich brown. Made in China.

  • Traditional maple fingerboard and tailpiece, both with intricate ebony inlay. Boxwood pegs. Ebony nut.
  • Custom Baroque style bridge
  • Pirastro gut strings
  • Vibrating string length 71.5 cm
Brand:   Colichon
Model:   Bass Viola da Gamba
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