Marais Baroque Violin
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Marais Baroque Violin

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The Marais Baroque violin is intended for musicians that wish to recreate the authentic sound of the Baroque era, a period of history from approximately 1600-1750 and when the music of Vivaldi, Corelli, and Bach flourished. Each Marais violin is fashioned after the Baroque setup; having a shorter, wedge-shaped fingerboard made of maple, a shorter neck angled straight out from the body, no string adjusters or chinrest, a shorter bass bar, flatter bridge, and gut strings. The result is a soft, pure, and delicate sound that contrasts greatly to the full and powerful tone of the modern violin.

Note: The violin that most people play today is regarded as the modern violin, a violin with a longer fingerboard made of ebony, longer neck, chinrest, string adjusters, longer bass bar, and metal wound strings. Baroque instruments are specialized and require a specific bowing style that differs from modern technique. If you are unsure if a Baroque instrument is right for you, please contact a sales representative at 1-800-528-3430.

Spruce top of narrow grain. Two-piece maple back, nicely figured. Ribs and scroll of wide, prominent flame. Finished in a pleasing light brown. Made in China.

  • Traditional maple fingerboard and tailpiece, both with decorative ebony inlay. Boxwood pegs and endbutton
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Pirastro Chorda E & A strings, Eudoxa D and G strings
  • Custom baroque style bridge

Instrument will fit in a standard size violin case.
Brand:   Marais
Model:   Baroque Violin
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Marais - 4/4
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