Pirastro Passione Solo Tuning Bass Strings
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Pirastro Passione Solo Tuning Bass Strings

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Bass PASSIONE is a modern and reliable steel core string suitable for the demanding bassist. The core material is made from a high-tensile and very flexible steel rope that is extremely stable and responsive. The set is extremely well balanced for both tension and sound. Solo Tuning.

  • Tone: The core sound is full, round and warm with a complex overtone spectrum which results in a deep and noble sound with great projection and power. The sustain characteristics of the string allow a strong, big and warm pizzicato
  • Playability: The response is incredibly easy and flexible, the notes are separate and distinctively clean when played in fast passages. The strings vibrate freely and easily with no need for excess bow pressure.
  • Stability: Passione bass strings provide exceptional tuning stability.
Brand:   Pirastro
Model:   Passione Solo Tuning
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