Pirastro Passione Violin Strings
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Pirastro Passione Violin Strings

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Pirastro Passione violin strings have complex overtones as well as brilliance and projection. The E violin string is silvery steel; the A, D and G violin strings are hand wound on a polished core of sheep’s gut. The silk on the G string is wound longer than the A and D. Once the stretching of the G violin string is finished, the silk will be behind the nut and offer more protection from breakage.

Tone: Warm complex overtones while maintaining brilliance and clarity

Playability: Easy response on all dynamic levels

Stability: Quicker break in time and greater tuning stability than other gut strings on the market

Pirastro Passione violin strings composition :

E string- Silvery Steel

A string- Aluminum over gut

D string- Silver over gut

G string- Silver over gut

Brand:   Pirastro
Model:   Passione
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