Play Music Notation Software
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Play Music Notation Software

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This version is for Windows only. User Interface: Easy and friendly visual interface; Immediate access through palettes to hundreds of symbols; 10 steps Zoom in and out for score control; Transport Commands on Toolbar; Graphic Mixer window with settings for Program Change, Voice, MIDI Channel, Solo, Volume, Record, Active Voice Monitor and Port; 10 documents operable at the same time; Windows/Macintosh standard shortcuts for standard program operations (open, close, save, etc.); Dozens of proprietary shortcuts for almost all program operations; Numeric shortcuts for note value selection; 1 level of Undo function available for all commands. Main Features: Margins of pages definable for each page; 24 staves per system 8 voices per staff; 21 Sample Song Files 31 templates Single, Piano, Percussion and Guitar Tab staff Graphic Mixer window with settings for Program Change, Voice, MIDI Channel, Solo, Record, Volume, Active Voice Monitor and Port; Margins of pages definable for each page; Centering function of staves and systems, automatic or manual; Direct editing, removing, and inserting of any symbol with the mouse on the score; 10 Zoom steps; MIDI output to any external Soundcard or MIDI interface (Windows); MIDI output with internal QuickTime synthesizer (Macintosh); Printing with all Printers, including Postscript and Quick Draw support, up to 1512 Dpi; Insertion of multiple lyrics with custom settings of fonts, sizes and styles; Insertion of Page-Dependent or Staff-Dependent texts; 6 types of bar lines (single, double, repeat left and right, end of piece, dotted, absent); 4 types of connections between staves (simple line, brace, single bracket, brace + single bracket); The ability of inserting key signatures (major and minor) in any staff and with automatic note transposition settings; The ability of dragging accidentals; Cross-System dragging for all symbols (Crescendos and diminuendos, Octave, Pedal, Dynamic, Slurs, etc.); Control Points for fine positioning and dimensioning of Slurs, Bar lines, Staff, Tuplets and Ties; The ability of inserting nested Tuplets (e.g. a triplet with a quintuplet incorporated); Automatic or manual spacing of notes; Auto beaming feature, with Auto Beaming Options; Customizable MIDI performance of grace notes (cut into preceding or following note, percentage of the cut note etc.); Diatonic and chromatic transposition of notes, with all major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals; Automatic value change; Automatic application of articulations. And Many more. Please Note: Only the Windows version of this software is currently available.

Title: Play Music Notation Software, Published by Notation Technologies, Inc., Item number: PM1
Brand:   Notation Technologies, Inc.
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Play Music Notation Software, PC
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