Six Suites for Violoncello Solo

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This edition of Bach's Six Cello Suites and 3-disc DVD set by David Starkweather reveals careful scholarly study of relevant manuscripts and has led to many discoveries concerning notes, trills, dots, dynamics, and rhythm. Fingerings and bowings reflect those used on the DVD set of Starkweather's performance of the suites. In addition, the DVD set offers a choice of four views: performance; performance with score; manuscripts with score; and scenery. One can choose to watch the scrolling score from Starkweather's edition, along with manuscripts of Anna Magdalena Bach, Johann Kellner, and the lute manuscript of J.S. Bach (Suite No. 5). Extras include scholarly examination of the manuscripts titled "Disagreement of Sources for the Bach Cello Suites" and "Comparison of Copyists' Accuracy".
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Model:   Bach, Johann Sebastian
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Six Suites for Violoncello Solo, DVD
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