A Violinist's Guide for Exquisite Intonation (Revised 2004)
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A Violinist's Guide for Exquisite Intonation (Revised 2004)

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Barry Ross presents a systematic approach to understanding how exquisite intonation enhances the musical context and perfect tuning of the instrument. Intended for advanced players, the Exquisite Intonation Method explains the variety of different tuning possibilities and when to use them. Various scales, etudes, exerpts, and other exercises help to examine intonation, adjust it in terms of the musical context, relate it to the open strings of the instrument, and explore a variety of tuning possibilities to determine the most perfect tuning for each note. Focusing on Exquisite Intonation ten minutes a day provides a dependable means of playing consistently, expressively, and beautifully in tune.

Title: A Violinist's Guide for Exquisite Intonation (Revised 2004), By Ross, Barry, Published by American String Teachers Assoc, Item number: 1932S
Brand:   American String Teachers Assoc
Model:   Ross, Barry
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