Bow Parts, Winding/Lapping/Leather
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Imitation Whalebone Rubber Grip French Silk

Bow Parts, Winding/Lapping/Leather

$7.35 - $241.40
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Bow Winding/Lapping Material: (All ordered from Germany)

Imitation English Whalebone Lapping: Enough material for one bow.

Sterling Silver Spool: 25g, 0.30mm

Nickel Silver Spool: 100g

Silver on Silk Tinsel Spool: 50g, .25mm

Premium French Silk: Colors available: Black; Blue; Green; Red; Yellow. Each spool is 16 meters.

Rubber Bow Grip: Size: Violin/Viola.

Thumb Leather Options: Goat skin; Kangaroo skin; Pig skin-black; Pig skin-brown. Each piece is 70x300mm.
Brand:   Various
Product Id
Southwest Strings Bow Winding/Lapping/Leathe - Any, Leather, Pig, 70 x 300 mm, Brown (Clearance)
Various Bow Winding/Lapping/Leathe - Any, French Silk, 16 Meter Spool, Black (Clearance)
Various Bow Winding/Lapping/Leathe - Any, Sterling Silver On Silk Tinsel, 50g Spool, .25 mm, Silver (Clearance)
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