Bow Parts, Screws/Buttons/Eyelets
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Solid Cap, Nickel Three Part, Nickel Solid Cap, Silver Three Part, Silver Screw/Eyelet, No Button, Inch Screw/Eyelet, No Button, MM Eyelets

Bow Parts, Screws/Buttons/Eyelets

$0.90 - $53.35
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Nickel: Solid cap available sizes: Viola; Cello.
Nickel: Three-part button available sizes: Cello.
Silver: Solid cap available sizes: Viola; Cello.
Silver: Three-part button available sizes: Violin; Viola; Cello.

Screw/Eyelet (No Button): 
Sizes: Violin or Viola, Inch or Metric thread.
Cello, Metric thread only.

Eyelet Only: Sizes:
     Violin/Viola, inch
     Violin/Viola, inch (thick shank)
     Violin/Viola, metric
     Cello, inch
     Cello, inch (thick Shank)
     Cello, metric

Brand:   Southwest Strings
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