Peg Shapers
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Herdim, Vln Sm, 1/2-1/16 Herdim, Blade, Vn/Vla Herdim, Blade, Clo Juzek, Vln/Vla Juzek, Cello Juzek, Blade, Clo Juzek, Blade, Vn/Vla Wittner, Vln, Shaper Kit Wittner, Blades

Peg Shapers

$4.85 - $77.00
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German and American made peg shapers.

Herdim peg shapers. You can cut fast, leaving a clean, smooth surface even on delicate wood. Blades have two edges which means double lifetime. Padded with soft plastic, these professional tools will not scratch hands or slip on the bench. Sizes: Vln 1/2-1/16.
Replacement blades available. Made in Germany.

Juzek Peg shapers. These shapers offer an adjustable taper. Sizes: Vln/Vla; Cello. Replacement blades available. Made in USA.

Wittner peg shaper kit for Wittner-Ultra pegs or traditional wooden pegs (vln/vla). Interchangeable bushing: Diameters, 7mm, 7.8mm, 8.6mm, 9.4mm. Taper for each diameter: 1:20, 1:25, 1:30. Includes 12 interchangeable bushings, peg handle for shaping and exchanging bushings, replacement blade, adjuster right with spare, adjuster left with spare,and allen wrench. Additional replacement blades available. Made in Germany.

Brand:   Germany/USA
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