Peg Sets, Wittner Finetune
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Peg Sets, Wittner Finetune

$71.10 - $107.10
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Wittner Finetune Peg Sets: Include 4 pegs.

Made from composite and light alloy material. Installed by pressing into place without glue. Peg shaft stays in place, and tuning is done by turning peg head. There is no peg/pegbox friction, and peg is not affected by climate and humidity changes. Professional installation suggested. For instructions, visit

Violin 1/2-1/4: 7.2mm
Violin 4/4-3/4: 7.8mm
Violin/Viola 4/4: 8.6mm
Cello 1/2-1/4: 10.8mm
Cello 1/2-1/4: 12mm
Cello 4/4-3/4: 14mm
Cello 4/4-3/4: 15.5mm

Brand:   Wittner
Model:   Finetune Set
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