Scott Cao Stradivari Davidoff Cello
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Scott Cao Stradivari Davidoff Cello

$2,500.00 - $3,000.00
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The Scott Cao "Davidoff" cello is based on an instrument by Antonio Stradivari dated 1712, from Stradivari's golden period. Named after Karl Davidoff, a prominent Russian cellist, referred to by Tchaikovsky as the "Tsar of Cellists". The original cello was owned and played by Jacqueline Du Pre and was left to Yo Yo Ma upon her death. The Scott Cao "Davidoff" is carefully crafted from select tone-woods in the style of the original instrument and provides a fine, sweet tone. 0% Financing Available.

The Scott Cao "Davidoff" cello is meticulously carved by experienced luthiers under the strict supervision of Scott Cao. Spruce top of fine to medium grain. Inlaid purfling. Two piece maple back with strong, medium flame. Ribs and scroll similar to back. Finished in an attractive reddish-brown on a golden ground and antiqued in the style of the original instrument. Outfits include #VACR7 Kaplan rosin: Your choice of case and bow. Standard outfit arrives in a Prelude case. If you have ordered a Thermoplastic case, it will arrive in a separate package. Made in China.

  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Composite tailpiece with four built-in string adjusters
  • Aubert Mirecourt bridge
  • Larsen A, D, G and C strings
Brand:   Scott Cao
Model:   Davidoff
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