Klaus Mueller Etude Cello
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Klaus Mueller Etude Cello

$679.00 - $899.00
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The Klaus Mueller Etude cello is a popular choice made by parents and teachers for its good projection, ease of playability, and full, resonant tone. Experienced makers craft each cello with the utmost care and attention to detail, making the Etude cello an exceptional buy.

The Klaus Mueller Etude cello has a hand-carved Solid spruce top of medium grain. Inlaid purfling. Two piece solid maple back. Maple ribs and scroll. Finished in a reddish-brown on a golden ground. Each cello is professionally shop adjusted by our trained, in-house (Tucson, AZ) luthiers, to ensure excellent playability. Outfit includes light rosin, and your choice of case and bow. Standard outfit arrives in a Prelude case. If you have ordered a Thermoplastic case, it will arrive in a separate package. Made in China. 
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  • German ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs  
  • Composite tailpiece with 4 built-in string adjusters
  • D'Addario Prelude A, D, G, and C strings
Brand:   Klaus Mueller
Model:   Etude
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