Shoulder Rests, Everest, Easy & Collapsible
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Shoulder Rests, Everest, Easy & Collapsible

$12.99 - $21.99
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Easy: Designed for both the beginner and professional, the Everest shoulder rest offers a comfortable bar style design at a very affordable price. Made of lightweight, rigid carbon graphite bar covered with supportive, durable black foam. Feet adjust for height and width. All sizes available.

Note that these rests can also be used with violas: 4/4 violin model fits 14 inch violas, 3/4 violin model fits 13 inch violas, and 1/2 violin model fits 12 inch violas. .

Collapsible: Same as the Easy model but now with folding feet for easier storage in most violin cases. Two newly designed rubber feet provide greater stability and minimize slipping, also adjusts for height and width. 4/4-3/4 Violin Only.
Brand:   Everest
Product Id
Everest Violin Shoulder Rest - 1/4-1/10
Everest Violin Shoulder Rest - 1/2
Everest Violin Shoulder Rest - 3/4
Everest Violin Shoulder Rest - 4/4-3/4
Everest Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest - 4/4-3/4, Collapsible
Everest Viola Shoulder Rest - Viola, 15"- 16.5"
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