Instrument Hangers
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Violin/Viola Wall Hanger Guitar Wall Hanger Music Stand Hanger Instructions for Guitar Wall Hanger Instructions for Violin/Viola Wall Hanger

Instrument Hangers

$9.49 - $9.99
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Wall Hanger:

Constructed of a hardwood mounting plate, and padded metal fork for hanging instrument. Includes padded prong for hanging bow. Mounts to the wall with two screws and wall anchors (provided).
Violin: 4/4-3/4
Violin: 1/2-1/4

Music Stand Hanger:

Metal loop with turn-screw design and well-padded metal fork, allows the instrument to be hung from the stand. Also includes padded prong for hanging the bow. Recommended for concert stands and microphone stands only (not light-weight stands).
Brand:   String Swing
Model:   Hangers
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