Rosin, Millant-Deroux, Sartory, Gold & Silver
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Light, Dar Gold & Silver Sartory

Rosin, Millant-Deroux, Sartory, Gold & Silver

$8.99 - $17.99
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Quality ingredients, exacting formulation, and over 100 years of tradition have earned Millant-Deroux worldwide popularity. The Original "Cat Brand" formula is preferred for its clean, subtle sound. Available in Dark or Light.

Gold and Silver rosin was specifically designed to produce a strong, more aggressive sound of superior quality.

Sartory rosin combines the smooth playing qualities of light rosin with the robust, sparkling tones of dark rosin.

Light, Dark, Gold & Silver, Sartory

Rosin is mounted to a cloth and packaged in a plastic container. Sartory comes in a wooden box.

Brand:   Millant-Deroux
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