Shoulder Rests, Mach One, Plastic
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M-07 Double Injection Model Mach One Mach One with Leather Strap

Shoulder Rests, Mach One, Plastic

$13.89 - $21.59
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Mach One: 
Its elegant design features a contoured and slim "S" shape for optimal comfort. Quality lightweight materials are strong and supportive. Easily and securely attaches to instrument with wear-resistant rubber feet that are adjustable for height and width.
Sizes: Violin 4/4-3/4, and 1/2-1/4

M-07 Double Injection Model:
Based on the same slim, ergonomic design, but made from a high-tech double injection mold. Its textured rubber back offers excellent contact and prevents slipping.
Sizes: Violin 4/4-3/4

Mach One W/ Leather Strap:
Includes leather strap for increased stability.
Sizes: Violin 4/4-3/4
Brand:   Mach One
Product Id
Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest - 1/2-1/4, Plastic, Without Leather Strap
Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest - 4/4-3/4, Plastic, Without Leather Strap
Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest - 4/4-3/4, Anniversary, Plastic, Double Injection, Anniversary Model
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