Shoulder Rests, Kun Collapsible & Mini-Collapsible
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Shoulder Rests, Kun Collapsible & Mini-Collapsible

$17.05 - $26.95
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Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest: 
The Kun collapsible shoulder rest is a well designed contour bar, covered with a comfortable soft foam sponge. This Kun rest offers height, width and pitch adjustments and secures to the instrument with patented locking end members that insure that this shoulder rest will never come in contact with the back of the violin.  The collapsible end members fold to a compact size for easy storage. Each end member has four holes for maximum width adjustment. 

Violin shoulder rest: 4/4, 3/4-1/2, Viola shoulder rest: Standard

Kun Collapsiblel Mini shoulder rest:
Same as original Kun shoulder rest but for the smaller violin and features a wide range of color choices: Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, or Red. 
Size: Violin shoulder rest, 1/4-1/8
Brand:   Kun
Model:   Collapsible
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