Peg Compounds, Grip & Lubricant
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Hidersine Hiderpaste Ardsley Peg Drops Player's Peg Drops Hill Peg Compound Pirastro Peg Compound

Peg Compounds, Grip & Lubricant

$2.99 - $8.29
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Gripping Compounds: Prevent pegs from slipping.

Hiderpaste is a solid compound that comes in a round, flat tin. Remove peg and apply to pegs to prevent slipping.

Peg Drops:
Partially remove peg from peg box, apply one drop, then rotate peg to spread evenly.
Available Brands: Ardsley, and Player's

Lubricating Compounds: Used to lubricate sticking pegs. Both brands come in a "lipstick" style tube.

Remove peg, then apply the compound along the entire peg shaft. Replace peg and rotate it to distribute compound evenly. Repeat until peg moves freely.
Available Brands: Hill and Pirastro
Brand:   Various
Model:   Peg Compounds
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