Chinrests, Ebony
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Dresden Guarneri, Large Cup Hill, Guarneri Vermeer Teka Morawetz Kaufman Flesch, Deep Flesch, Flat Hill

Chinrests, Ebony

$14.40 - $22.50
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Ebony Chinrests:

Hill Model:
Usually refers to the hardware clamps, which are separately adjusted, and independent; rather than connected, as on the standard model

Available Chinrest Options:

Vermeer: Large, flat cup. Rises toward, and partially covers tailpiece. Side-mount: Violin, Viola

Teka: Large cup,with big rise toward tailpiece. Side-mount: Violin, Viola

Morawetz: Medium, low cup. Side-mount: Violin, Viola

Dresden: Medium, low, flat cup. Side-mount: Violin, Viola

Guarneri: Large, flat cup, over-the-tailpiece: Violin 

Guarneri, Hill:  Large, flat cup, over-the-tailpiece, nickel, or gold hardware: Viola
gold only: Violin

Kaufman: Lowest, large, flat cup, side-mount: Violin, Viola

Flesch: This is a center-mount, over-the-tailpiece model.
Available in Deep (traditional) or Flat cup.
Boxwood, Ebony, or Rosewood: Violin, Viola

Hill: In this instance, Hill refers to cup model, which is a medium, deeper cup. Hardware is one piece. Side-mount: Violin

Brand:   Various
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