String Lubricant and Cleaner, D'Addario
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String Lubricant and Cleaner, D'Addario

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XLR8 is the fast and easy string lubricant and cleaner. XLR8 removes friction for faster playing while at the same time cleans your strings for prolonged life and fresh string tone. Simply take the ergonomic applicator and wipe up and down the strings and thats it! XLR8 will also condition the fingerboard as it works. Maintain new string tone and feel, while experiencing frictionless playing with XLR8.

  • Removes friction for faster playing
  • Enhances string life and tone
  • Reduces finger noise
  • Easy to use applicator
Brand:   D'Addario, Planet Waves
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D'Addario String Lubricant and Cleaner - Any, Lubricant and String Cleaner
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